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“When I was finishing the renovations for my beach house, I went looking for original beach house art to perfect the light, beachy interior design. I searched for unique coastal art to compliment white washed floor boards and my ocean views and found so many beautiful pieces on this beach house art website. I have guests to stay from all over the world and they comment most on the original paintings by Naomi which draw inspiration from the ocean at our doorstep.”


Lucy Bloom, Coogee, New South Wales

beach house art

Australian artist Naomi Veitch captures the essence of beach living in her detailed original paintings of creatures of the sea, as well as abstract beachscapes.

Popular paintings feature blue bottle jellyfish, pelicans, sea animals, seascapes and more. Made using the highest quality paints and material in the industry, Naomi’s paintings are highly sought after pieces of beach art. Each painting is stretched using gallery canvas with a variety of paint mediums to suit each look. Boasting bright colour, and photographic detail, these originals are also available in a wide range of sizes. From large statement pieces to mini tabletop artworks, there is a work of art suitable for every space in your beach house. Naomi Veitch will also work with you to create one-of-a-kind commission pieces, featuring the subject of your choice in the colours and size that suits you. Whether you want to replicate a past painting that you fell in love with or feature a favourite memory or animal, Coastal Art Australia can do it.