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Australian Artist Naomi Veitch in studio_painting.jpg


Naomi Veitch is a visual artist, living and working on the New South Wales Central Coast in Australia. She pursued a career in sign writing before becoming a full-time practicing artist with particular talent for oils and acrylic. Much of her painting, drawing and sculpture work is inspired by the ocean and famous beaches, bays, rivers and wildlife of her local native surroundings. Large scale works by Naomi have been commissioned for private collections and commercial acquisitions. To both local and international clients.  Naomi has exhibited her work in a number of group and solo shows.


My childhood memories are full of weekends and holiday spent on our boat, water skiing or on the riverbanks swimming and exploring the surrounding bush land. Yearly holidays to Moreton Island enjoying the calm crystal-clear waters, sand, sun and an abundance of sea life. I have always felt at ease by the water. The Central Coast surrounded by the amazing waterways and national parks which I now enjoy with my family makes me feel like I’m always holidays.


I work from my home studio and create pieces that reflect the beautiful Australian Coast. My work varies in styles from realistic to impressionistic and I use a variety of tools and mediums to create the desired effect.  I love the freedom of not having to create in only one particular style or medium, I rather concentrate on capturing the essence of the coast.


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