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Painting Donated to the Australian Seabird Rescue

Central Coast artist Naomi Veitch has painted a large dripping pelican drying on a pole. The stunning artwork has be donated and will be auctioned at the Australian Seabird Rescue’s fundraising dinner on the 16th of August, at Diggers at the Entrance.

The Australian seabird rescue patrol and monitor waterways and shoreline for injured/sick seabirds and shorebirds and marine reptiles. They cover the whole of the Central Coast waterways, beaches, lake & river areas from the Hawksbury River right up to Lake Macquarie.

Mrs Veitch works from her home studio in Horsfield Bay. Where she has been creating a series of pelican paintings over the last few months, with another on the easel and more planned for the coming months.

Naomi has pledged to donate 10% from the sale of any of the pelican paintings sold via her website this year to raise even more money for the Australian Seabird Rescue.

Naomi sees it fitting that her models “the pelicans” are being paid for posing for her reference photos and in turn helping the rescue and rehabilitation of their fellow feathered friends.

“It is a wonderful honour to be able to paint our local wildlife and help raise money for these beautiful creatures, that so often fall victim to entanglement or injury” says Mrs Veitch

You can view Naomi’s latest paintings in her upcoming exhibition “Essence of the Coast” which will be held at the Waterline Gallery in the Republik Cafe in Ettalong Beach. The Exhibition runs from August 20 - October 1 and is open 7 days from 9am- 3pm. Paintings of pelicans, bluebottles, waves, sailing boats and a whale will fill the walls of the gallery.

Purchases can be made at

Naomi and the seabirds on the Central Coast would love your support!


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