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Australian Pelican Print - No. 2/100

Australian Pelican Print - No. 2/100

PriceFrom $65.00

Title: "CAPTAIN" Australian pelican wall art print

A limited edition print of an original Naomi Veitch pelican painting. This painting features a pelican standing on the edge of a boat on the water.


We offer this fine art paper print unframed

  • Small: 5x10 inch | 12.5x25cm
  • Medium: 10x20 inch | 25x50cm
  • Large: 15x30 inch | 38x76cm
  • X Large: 20x40 inch | 50x100cm



A fine art canvas print that is stretched, varnished, and ready to hang. Canvas prints can be framed in white, light oak, dark oak or black.

  • Large: 15x30 inch | 38x76cm - framed, it measures 41x79cm
  • X Large: 20x40 inch | 50x100cm - framed, it measures 53x103cm


The Australian pelican is a large waterbird, widespread on the inland and coastal waters of Australia and New Guinea, also in Fiji, parts of Indonesia and as a vagrant in New Zealand. It is a predominantly white bird with black wings and a pink bill. It has been recorded as having the longest bill of any living bird. It mainly eats fish, but will also consume birds and scavenge for scraps if the opportunity arises. The Australian pelican is medium-sized by pelican standards, with a wingspan of 2.3 to 2.6 m. Weight can range from 4 to 13 kg. The pale, pinkish bill is enormous, even by pelican standards, and is the largest bill in the avian world. 

  • Fine art paper prints

    • Giclee printing on archival quality paper
    • Signed and numbered by the artist Naomi Veitch
    • Artwork will require framing


    Fine art canvas prints

    • Giclee printing on archival quality canvas
    • Signed and numbered by the artist Naomi Veitch
    • Stretched over frame, laminated and ready to hang



    • The copyright is not transferable with this sale. The artist will always retain all rights.
    • Colours may vary from screen to print.
    • Prints and frames are made to order so production can take 2 weeks