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Spanish Mackerel Drawing

Spanish Mackerel Drawing

PriceFrom $250.00

Title: "Spanish Mackerel" fish drawing

This fish drawing in black ink of a Spanish Mackerel is beautifully rendered, contrasting with a white background.


Artwork size: 20x20cm.

Artwork requires framing behind glass.

Framing can be arranged for your convenience.


Prints of this drawing are available in various sizes - view now



The Spanish Mackerel is a marine fish found in open waters and near reefs and islands around most of Australia except the southern coast from Esperance (WA) to Geelong (VIC). Mackerel, commonly are 2-15kg and 55-125cm, but can grow to 50kg and at least 200cm.


  • Original hand drawn artwork

    • Archival quality textured paper, 200gsm
    • Archival pigment ink pen
    • Initialed by the artist Naomi Veitch
    • Artwork will require framing



    • The copyright is not transferable with this sale. The artist will always retain all rights.
    • Colours may vary from screen to print.

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