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Missed out on the piece of original coastal artwork you loved?

Limited edition art prints are available of most artworks or commission a similar artwork.



Each painting is stretched using gallery canvas with a variety of paint mediums to suit each look. Boasting bright colour, and photographic detail, these originals are also available in a wide range of sizes. From large feature pieces to mini bedside artworks, there is a work of art suitable for every space in the home or office. Naomi Veitch will also work with you to create one-of-a-kind commission pieces, featuring the subject of your choice in the colours and size that suits you. Whether you want to replicate a past painting that you fell in love with or feature a favourite memory or animal, Coastal Art Australia can do it.


"Naomi's wonderful painting of 3 bluebottles takes centre stage in our beach house. A real statement piece that conjures memories and feelings of summer, sand and sea. Naomi has delighted us with the work we commissioned." - Anne Riches

"I have a number of original art works from Coastal Art Australia which were commissioned for my beach house. Naomi is a talented artist and her paintings are such show pieces!"- Lucy Bloom

"I purchased a Wave and Bluebottle painting from Naomi last year out of a small amount of money my father left me in his will. I wanted something enduring to help me think about and remember him each day. My family love these paintings and we bought them after looking for a long time. Thanks, Naomi for your beautiful art work!" - Kim Nixon

"We have just unwrapped the painting.  It’s fabulous.  We love it!

Thanks again." - Elizabeth Robertson

"Absolutely amazing experience and beautiful work! Naomi gave me a masterpiece for my home which I adore! 100% recommend!" - Madri Bowmont


"I bought your "Seagull on a Grey Day".  Received it today and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Loved it as soon as I saw it on BlueThumb, kept going back to it, should I buy it, should I not and then I took the plunge.  So glad that I did. I definitely will look out for more of your art.   I am not a big buyer and I can’t afford it but sometimes temptation is bigger than the wallet! Thank you again for sending it so quickly and so well wrapped up. All the best and stay safe." - Sue Allcorn

"The fish painting looks wonderful in our new home. We enjoy looking at the painting each day in our main living area. Thank you " - Katrina and Greg Travers

"My gorgeous watercolour “little boy at the beach” arrived today. When I saw it I immediately thought  of my grandson. He will eventually inherit this from his besotted Nanna. My husband and I have our retirement sea change at Lake Cathie booked for 2024 and I will certainly by buying from you for our new home. Thank you for your beautiful works." - Many thanks, Anne Coleman

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