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Choosing the ideal piece of wall art for your beach house or coastal home can be challenging. Many questions can arise. Does it look exactly like it does on screen? Will it fit? Will it look good on that wall? Will the colour go with my decor? For your convenience, we offer private viewings of the artwork, in-home consultation services and online viewing.

Studio Visit

Naomi's home studio is in Horsfield Bay on the NSW Central Coast of Australia. Private viewings of the artwork are available via appointment. So, you can view the painting in real life.

In Home Consultations

Naomi can help you choose the perfect piece from her collections or she can create something to suit the style and scale of your space. Naomi will travel to your home, where you can discuss your ideas. The area will be measured & photographed. Naomi can then suggest a few pieces to best suit your decor, space and budget. 

Online Viewing

An online viewing may be the answer if you do not live nearby. Getting an online preview is the best way to be sure the artwork will suit your space.
Photograph the area where the painting will be placed. Take the photo straight on to the wall and from a distance, so you can see the entire length or height of the wall. You will need to measure the length of the wall (if the entire wall is on the photo) or the length of furniture against the wall (e.g., a lounge or table). Having this information allows Naomi to calculate the scale correctly. Tell Naomi what painting you'd like to view online. An image of your wall with the artwork scaled will then be sent back to you. Please see the example below.

painting in a coastal home
in home consults
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