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A "digital" viewing is where one of Naomi's paintings is placed over a photograph you have taken of a wall in your house, so you can see how the artwork will fit and look on your wall

A "real" viewing is where you come and view the painting in real life in Naomi's home studio


Photograph the area where you would like to place the painting.

Try to take the photo straight on to the wall

Take the photo from a distance so the entire wall height and or length are visible.

Email or text your wall photos to Naomi

Measure the total wall length (if the entire wall is in the photo) or the length of a piece of furniture that is up against the wall a lounge or table for example. This helps Naomi gauge the correct scale

Let Naomi know what painting/s you would like to digitally view

A photo will then be sent back to you showing the artwork on your wall to scale.

photograph of space
photograph of space with "digital" view of painting

Naomi's home studio is in Horsfield Bay on the NSW Central Coast of Australia

Private viewings of the artwork are available via appointment. So you can view the painting in real life.

Call or Email to arrange an appointment





Naomi can help you choose the perfect piece from her collections or she can create something to suit the style and scale of your space.

Naomi will travel to your home, where you can discuss your ideas.


Naomi will measure and

photograph the space and come up with a piece to best suit your decor, space and budget