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fish art

Fish Art

Welcome to our fish art gallery, where the mesmerizing beauty of oceanic life comes to life on canvas. Dive into a world teeming with vibrant colours and graceful movements as you explore our collection of fish paintings, drawings, and fish prints.  Whether you're a marine enthusiast, an avid fisherman, or simply drawn to the captivating allure of underwater realms, our curated selection offers something for everyone who appreciates the allure of the deep blue. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the ocean and bring home a piece of its enchanting allure with our exquisite fish artworks.

fish -art- painting-naomi-veitch

 Found in oceans across the globe, these fascinating creatures are diverse in colour, shape and behavior. 


 Available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from tiny bedside pieces to large statement paintings, there is a fish artwork for your space.


If you want a particular look or size for your painting, commission pieces are also available.

Fish symbolize fertility, creativity, good luck, transformation, health, abundance, serenity, intelligence, happiness, strength, and endurance.

Each fish print is a perfect replication of the artist’s beautiful original artwork, reproduced using Giclee printing on archival quality paper or gallery stretched canvas.

All original fish artwork including paintings and drawings can be reproduced as limited edition prints. Below is the current selection of available fish prints that capture the detail and colours of these underwater beauties. Featuring schools of fish and detailed close-up portraits, Naomi truly captures their likeness. Every fish art print is numbered and signed by Naomi herself and can be framed to ensure longevity and lasting quality.