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black and white pen drawing of a sea turtle

Black and White Sea Turtle Drawing

PriceFrom $800.00

Dive into the mesmerizing world of the ocean with our breathtaking artwork titled "Cruising the Currents." This stunning black and white sea turtle drawing is meticulously created using a pigment liner pen, capturing every intricate detail on a textured paper canvas.


Measuring A2 in size, this captivating piece commands attention and becomes the focal point of any room. The larger dimensions allow you to truly immerse yourself in the graceful movements and serene beauty of the sea turtle as it effortlessly navigates the currents.

The use of a pigment liner pen adds depth and richness to the artwork, bringing out the finest nuances of the sea turtle's form and texture. The thick textured paper further enhances the tactile experience, adding a touch of realism to the drawing.


"Cruising the Currents" invites you to embark on a visual journey through the depths of the ocean, connecting you with the mystique and elegance of the sea turtle. Perfect for nature enthusiasts, art collectors, or anyone who appreciates the wonders of marine life, this drawing is a testament to the enduring allure of the sea.


Add a touch of tranquility and fascination to your space with "Cruising the Currents," a sea turtle drawing that captures the essence of underwater grace and serves as a reminder of the natural wonders that lie beneath the surface of the sea.


Artwork size: 42x60cm. (A2)

Artwork requires framing behind glass.

Framing can be arranged for your convenience.


  • Original hand drawn artwork

    • Archival quality textured paper, 250gsm
    • Archival pigment liner ink pen
    • Signed by the artist Naomi Veitch
    • Artwork will require framing



    • The copyright is not transferable with this sale. The artist will always retain all rights.
    • Colours may vary from screen to print.

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