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painting of a boy swimming in a pool, inside a colourful inflatable ring

Painting of a boy floating in a pool : Colourful Currents 2


Title: "Colourful Currents 2" Painting of a boy floating in a pool

Media: Oil on board

Size: 30 x 30 x 2cm

This painting is ready to hang.



Introducing "Colourful Currents 2" – a mesmerizing companion to its predecessor, this captivating oil painting shares the same intimate size of 30x30cm yet exudes its own unique charm. In this expressive artwork, another young figure peacefully floats in a pool, enveloped by the vibrant hues of an inflatable ring.


With its dynamic brushstrokes and painterly style, "Colourful Currents 2" beckons you to immerse yourself once again in the tranquil ambiance of this delightful scene. Ideal for adorning a cozy nook or adding to a gallery wall, this painting is sure to ignite conversation and evoke feelings of joy wherever it's placed. Let the whimsical charm of "Colourful Currents 2" wash over your space, bringing a touch of serenity and nostalgia to your home.



    • Professional oil paints applied to an artist quality hardboard panel.
    • The painting has a matt finish for perfect viewing from every angle.
    • Varnished and signed on the rear by the artist Naomi Veitch. 

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