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Pelican Paintings, Drawings and Prints

Welcome to our pelican art collection, where the charm of these coastal birds takes flight on canvas and paper. Nestled along the Central Coast, our region boasts an abundance of pelicans, serving as the muse for Naomi's stunning portrayals. Naomi's original Australian pelican paintings and drawings are highly sought after by both local enthusiasts and those from afar seeking authentic coastal wall art. With meticulous attention to detail, Naomi captures the grace and character of these majestic birds in every brushstroke and line. For those eager to bring a piece of the coast into their homes, commissioned paintings and drawings of pelicans are available, while reproductions of Naomi's originals are offered as art prints, allowing you to adorn your space with the timeless beauty of these iconic creatures.

pelican framed print_edited.jpg

 Found on beaches across the globe, these lovable creatures are well known by locals and tourists alike, It’s no wonder they are synonymous with coastal living. Central Coast Artist Naomi Veitch, a long time fan of these big birds, has no shortage of feathered models for her exquisite paintings. Available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from tiny bedside pieces to large statement paintings, there is a pelican artwork for your space. If you wanted a particular look or size for your painting or drawing, commission pieces are also available.

Pelican drawings and paintings capture the essence of coastal tranquility, with each stroke conveying the grace and charm of these iconic birds.

Each pelican print is a perfect replication of the artist’s beautiful original painting, or pelican drawing reproduced using Giclee printing on archival quality paper or gallery stretched canvas.

All original pelican paintings can be reproduced as limited edition prints. Below is the current selection of available pelican prints that capture the personality and beauty of these coastal birds. Featuring groups of resting pelicans and detailed close-up portraits, Naomi truly captures their idiosyncrasies in their natural habitat. Every art print is numbered and signed by Naomi herself.