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Drawing of a pelican standing on a light post

Drawing of a pelican on a light post

PriceFrom $800.00

Introducing "Pelican Pete," a captivating drawing of a pelican on a light post that celebrates the charm and character of the Australian pelican. This remarkable drawing is meticulously crafted with a pigment liner pen, capturing every intricate detail of Pelican Pete's majestic presence.


Crafted on thick textured paper, this drawing adds a tactile element to the artwork, further accentuating the fine details and textures of Pelican Pete's plumage and expression. The use of a pigment liner pen ensures depth and precision, resulting in a truly captivating representation.


"Pelican Pete" invites you to embrace the unique spirit of Australian wildlife and create a connection with these graceful creatures. Whether you're a bird enthusiast, nature lover, or art collector, this drawing is a testament to the beauty and diversity found in our natural surroundings.


Display "Pelican Pete" in your home or office space to evoke a sense of wonder and admiration. It serves as a reminder of the extraordinary wildlife that graces the Australian landscape and sparks conversations about the importance of preserving our natural heritage.


Artwork size: 42x60cm. (A2)

Artwork requires framing behind glass.

Framing can be arranged for your convenience.


  • Original hand drawn artwork

    • Archival quality textured paper, 250gsm
    • Archival pigment liner ink pen
    • Signed by the artist Naomi Veitch
    • Artwork will require framing



    • The copyright is not transferable with this sale. The artist will always retain all rights.
    • Colours may vary from screen to print.

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