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Coastal Drawings

In her recent exploration of this art form, Naomi has unlocked a realm of simplicity and elegance. Prepare to be mesmerized by the remarkable diversity of marks in these original coastal drawings. Crafted meticulously with pigment liner ink pens on textured white paper, each drawing emanates a timeless charm. The black and white compositions exude a distinctive coastal elegance that effortlessly captures the essence of the seaside.

For an exclusive experience, private viewings of the original coastal drawings can be arranged by appointment. Immerse yourself in the beauty of these unique creations and witness firsthand the intricate details and artistic finesse.


Naomi's wonderful painting of 3 bluebottles takes centre stage in our beach house. A real statement piece that conjures memories and feelings of summer, sand and sea. Naomi has delighted us with the work we commissioned. - Anne Riches

I have a number of original art works from Coastal Art Australia which were commissioned for my beach house. Naomi is a talented artist and her paintings are such show pieces! - Lucy Bloom

I purchased a Wave and Bluebottle painting from Naomi last year out of a small amount of money my father left me in his will. I wanted something enduring to help me think about and remember him each day. My family love these paintings and we bought them after looking for a long time. Thanks, Naomi for your beautiful art work! - Kim Nixon

We have just unwrapped the painting.  It’s fabulous.  We love it!

Thanks again. - Elizabeth Robertson

Absolutely amazing experience and beautiful work! Naomi gave me a masterpiece for my home which I adore! 100% recommend! - Madri Bowmont


I bought your "Seagull on a Grey Day".  Received it today and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Loved it as soon as I saw it on BlueThumb, kept going back to it, should I buy it, should I not and then I took the plunge.  So glad that I did. I definitely will look out for more of your art.   I am not a big buyer and I can’t afford it but sometimes temptation is bigger than the wallet! Thank you again for sending it so quickly and so well wrapped up. All the best and stay safe. - Sue Allcorn

Missed out on the drawing you loved?
Limited edition prints are available of most drawings or commission a similar drawing.

Indulge in the serenity of these exceptional drawings and let them transport you to a place of coastal bliss. Experience the allure of Naomi's pen drawings and uncover the hidden beauty that awaits within each piece. 

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