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Weedy Sea Dragon Print - No. 4/100

Weedy Sea Dragon Print - No. 4/100

PriceFrom $65.00

Title: Weedy Sea dragon - Water Colour 1 - common weedy sea dragon print

Limited edition sea animal print of a watercolour painting by Naomi Veitch. A realistic seadragon is displayed on a white background.


There is 3 matching common weedy sea dragons in the entire print collection.


A fine art paper print

  • Medium: 8x10 inch | 20x25cm
  • Large: 16x20 inch | 40x50cm
  • X Large: 24x30 inch | 60x76cm 



A fine art canvas print that is stretched, varnished, and ready to hang. Canvas prints can be framed in white, light oak, dark oak or black.

  • Large: 16x20 inch | 40x50cm - framed it measures 43x53cm
  • Xlarge: 24x30 inch | 61x76cm - framed, it measures 64x79cm


The weedy sea dragon, also called the common sea dragon, inhabits the waters off south and east Australia. It is a marine fish related to the seahorses. Adult weedy sea dragons are a reddish colour, with yellow and purple markings. They have small leaf-like appendages that resemble kelp fronds providing camouflage and a number of short spines for protection. Weedy seadragons reach up to approximately 45cm in length.