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Australian pelican drawing, black and white pen drawing of a pelican standing on a weathered post..

Drawing of Pelican standing on mooring post

PriceFrom $800.00

The pelican drawing "Gaze of the Avian Sentinel: An Australian Pelican's Silent Vigil" showcases an Australian Pelican in all its regal splendor, standing proudly on a mooring post with its back turned towards the viewer.


Drawn with meticulous precision using black pigment liner pens on thick white paper, the artwork captures the essence of this magnificent bird. The artist skillfully portrays the pelican's elongated body and gracefully curved neck, while the thick lines of the pigment liner pens lend a bold and defined quality to its form. The pelican's head is the focal point, turned around to gaze directly at the viewer, as if acknowledging their presence with a keen, intelligent eye.


Against the plain white background, the artwork invites the viewer to appreciate the pelican's beauty and majesty in its simplest form, celebrating the bird's distinctive features and captivating gaze.


Artwork size: 42x60cm. (A2)

Artwork requires framing behind glass.

Framing can be arranged for your convenience.


  • Original hand drawn artwork

    • Archival quality textured paper, 250gsm
    • Archival pigment liner ink pen
    • Signed by the artist Naomi Veitch
    • Artwork will require framing



    • The copyright is not transferable with this sale. The artist will always retain all rights.
    • Colours may vary from screen to print.

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