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Prawn Print Set - Set of 3

Prawn Print Set - Set of 3

PriceFrom $171.00

Title: Prawn prints - Water Colour Print Set

Limited edition prints of original prawn watercolour paintings by Naomi Veitch


There is 3 matching pawns in this print collection. 


We offer this fine art paper print unframed.

  • Medium: 8x10 inch | 20x25cm
  • Large: 16x20 inch | 40x50cm
  • X Large: 24x30 inch | 60x76cm



A fine art canvas print that is stretched, varnished, and ready to hang. Canvas prints can be framed in white, light oak, dark oak or black.

  • Xlarge: 24x30 inch | 61x76cm


King prawns are one of the most popular species of prawn in Australia, due no doubt to their rich flavour and moist flesh. The Eastern King Prawn lives in intertidal estuaries and oceans. It is found in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Unlike crabs and lobsters, female prawns do not carry their eggs under their tail, but release them directly into the sea. The eggs hatch into a free-swimming larvae and migrate from coastal waters into estuaries. Within the estuary, they moult a number of times and reach adult size after 9-12 months. As adults, they migrate back offshore to spawn and it is during these migrations that larger prawns are often caught. Once mature, adult prawns will not return to estuaries.

    • Fine art paper prints

      • Giclee printing on archival quality paper
      • Signed and numbered by the artist Naomi Veitch
      • Artwork will require framing